How to Change your Diet to Better Boost your Immune System

In the last year, we have all become increasingly more concerned for our health. Unfortunately, many of us have had to watch the people we love fall victim to a terrible virus and some of us have even caught it ourselves. Thanks to the introduction of vaccinations and advice given by medical professions, the world as a whole have started to feel much more safe and secure.

Some of the best advice that we have been given is to stay healthy, as this will make fighting the virus much easier. It is also known that the virus has more of an effect on people that have poor health conditions and suffer from issues such as obesity and similar problems. The last year has really been a wake-up call for a lot of us and many of us have set the goal to focus on being healthier in the upcoming year.

As well as having a healthier body through physical exercise, we should be sure that all of our major organs and internal systems are in the best condition possible. Something that has unfortunately occurred due to isolation and continuous use of antibacterial products is that many of our immune systems have lowered. Our immune system is an essential part of fighting a number of health issues and so it is important that we work on improving it.

Many people do not realize that you can actually boost your immune system by changing your diet and making small changes to what you put into your body can actually really improve your overall health. Here are some easy changes to your diet that you can make to boost your immune system.


Fresh Fruit

It is no secret that when it comes to improving your overall health, fresh fruit should be your go-to. Every doctor in the world recommends that we all get our five a day and they don’t just do this in order to ensure that we all stay slim, they suggest this because eating fresh fruit and veg can actually have a lot of influence on how our internal systems operate. Everybody underestimates the power of a diet packed with fresh fruit and it can help with more aspects of your body than you may think. In fact, if you are a woman you may be surprised to know that ingesting fresh fruit and veg can actually have vaginal benefits. All of the lovely minerals that you get from fruit and veg can improve the PH levels in your vagina and also improve skin elasticity, internally and externally. This means that you won’t have to just depend on your kegel ball when it comes to the health of your vagina as fresh fruit will help keep everything in check.

Blueberries in particular are a fruit that you should focus on if you are looking to improve your immune system. Blueberries contain a lot of antioxidant properties and as you know, antioxidants are a great tool for improving the body’s immune system. In fact, studies show that people with a diet rich in blueberries suffer from less common colds and other common illnesses.


Dark Chocolate

Just because you are working to improve your immune system doesn’t mean that you need to cut out all of the foods that you love and eat a plant-based life. You can still indulge in the foods that you love while improving your body. If you are someone that is partial to a bit of chocolate, then you will be glad to know that eating dark chocolate can actually help improve your immune system.

Dark chocolate actually contains something called theobromine, which is an antioxidant. As I stated above, antioxidants are great when it comes to improving your immune system. This is because theobromine protects the body’s cells from something known as free radicals, which means that it can help protect your immune system.

If you have never heard of free radicals, they are basically molecules that can damage the body during the process of breaking down any food that you have digested. These free radicals can cause some extreme damage to your body which may lead to you catching a nasty virus or illness.



You may not expect spinach to have that much of an impact on your body, but you will be surprised to know that spinach is actually a really great ingredient when it comes to boosting your immune system. Spinach contains more vitamins than most foods out there and out of all of these vitamins, you can find vitamins C and E which can be a big help when it comes to supporting the immune system.  Health nuts out there swear that drinking a smoothie full of spinach can help them avoid common illnesses, so be sure to give it a try yourself.

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