Fussy Eaters: Childrens Meals that will Please Anyone

It is not uncommon for children to be fussy eaters- sometimes it is not always about the taste of the food but often the shape, color, and texture that puts them off eating or even trying it. It is okay for children to not like a few things, as I’m sure we all have foods we dislike but it is important that children are being provided with the right nutrients to grow, develop and be healthy. Being able to encourage them to try new things and enjoy them, makes it less likely that they will be fussy in the future. Here are some meal ideas that can be enjoyed by fussy children and the rest of the family! 


Fajitas or Tacos 

A great meal for fussy children that will also please the whole family is a versatile meal such as fajitas or tacos. These meals encourage children to help themselves to fill their own wrap or taco shell, making dinner times more enjoyable and possibly removing the attention away from the new foods themselves. Though there are lots of different options on the table such as different meats, salad items, cheeses, and dips, there is so much choice to suit everyone’s preferences and also makes the child more likely to try little bits of everything.  


Homemade pizzas  

Making your own pizzas as a family is also a great meal for fussy eaters for the same sort of reasons! If children are allowed to be independent and make their own dinner, they are more likely to want to eat their own creations. Pizza can have so many different toppings but is also delicious fairly plain- making it suitable for everyone and will still be a fulfilling dinner for a child who only wishes to have tomato purée and cheese as their toppings- the proper Italian way! If children treat their pizza like art while making it, they may wish it to be colorful and therefore put various toppings on like sweetcorn, peppers, olives (the food they don’t normally eat or have never tried). The food that was on their plate a few weeks ago that they were disgusted by, may now be a delicious accompaniment to their pizza!  


Healthy chicken nuggets  

Let’s be real here, children love chicken nuggets and that’s just a fact. But if all your child likes to eat is McDonald’s chicken nuggets, now might be the time to make your own! We all know that fast food places do not provide us with many nutrients if any at all, but they offer children such a tasty and fun experience so you could incorporate this aspect into the dinner. If you really wanted to get them interested, try making the whole experience more like McDonald’s. Every knows that de beste cadeaus voor jongens van 7 jaar zijn hier te vinden, in their signature happy meals. So why not include a mini-craft toy along side their meal to recreate that experience but with healthier food.


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