Betaseron: Use, Dosage, And Cautions

Betaseron is one of those medicines which have gained tremendous popularity in recent years. The fundamental reason behind such popularity and common uses is its effectiveness against Meniere’s disease. The actual use of this fantastic drug is seen in Europe since in the United States, and the case is not the same. Betaseron stands for Betahistine Hydrochloride, which is the product of Solvay. Betahistine is yet another name commonly used for it. The fundamental reason why the drug is so useful is its ability to improve blood flow in vessels through dilating them. The questions regarding its effectiveness were the reason why in the United States, it is not commonly prescribed. But even after that, all around the world, it has been prescribed for the treatment of Meniere’s disease.

Dosage of Betaserc
As far as the dosage is concerned, the tablets are only to be used orally. For adults, the exact dose is one tablet twice a day. But there is no hard and fast rule, and the condition patient is in can alter the quantity of amount. Taking Betaserc always will only show results gradually. Individuals who are hypersensitive regarding the main product or any other component of the product are not advised to take this drug. More often than not, the physician, while prescribing it to the patient, checks whether they had any record of bronchial asthma. The same is the case with pregnancy since no authorized data is available regarding the usage of Betaserc during pregnancy.

Some special suggestions
The doctors suggest that at the initial stage of MD, Betaserc is thoroughly convincing and can be helpful in controlling it at the start-up phase. And in due course of time, when the disease starts getting advanced, this drug may not be as useful. For better results, it is advised to go along with the diet mentioned, and then the drug will only make it better. The frequency that attacks have initially will be reduced if; Betaserc is taken in high quantity.
It has often been seen that patients start getting impatient and complaint regarding the ineffectiveness of Betaseron. But they are not aware that the actual results will appear within 3-4 weeks. Regular intake of this drug is vital for the best outcomes. Ringing, which is one of the most irritating symptoms of MD, along with hearing problems, will also be controlled. Bear in mind the overdosage sometimes may result in convulsion, and therefore make sure you along with the prescribed dosage.

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The frequency of dosage also has a direct impact on the kind of symptoms arising from overdosage. People have been a patient of peptic ulcers must also be careful with the use of Betaseron. This drug may or may not have harmful effects on pregnant women, but lack of sufficient data keeps the topic under-discussed. Some of the common side effects are headache and gastric problems.

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